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Hand Wash

Bloomington Carwash - Hand WashAuto Artisans in Bloomington specializes in carwash, mobile detailing, headliner and interior repairs.

When was the last time your car was hand cleaned? It may take a bit longer than automatic car wash, but it only takes a hand wash to make it shine. See the difference in quality a hand car wash can make on the looks of your vehicle.

Professional Hand Car Wash

What sets apart Auto Artisan’s method in hand car washing is that we only use newly washed microfiber towels to prevent scratching the precious surfaces of your vehicle. Dirty reused towels traps rocks, grit and other particles that might cause swirl marks or micro-scratches during cleaning which can dull the finish of your car. We also use a foaming machine to ensure that there’s an even lather all over your car. The soap that we use is a top-quality pH balanced cleaning solution that doesn’t penetrate a car’s wax and is not harsh on your vehicle’s paint and plastics. After the cleaning process, we make sure that your car is thoroughly cleaned and dried with scratch free and lint free waffle weave microfiber towels.

Car Wash by Auto Artisans in Bloomington includes an Exterior Hand Wash And a 100% Hand-Applied Quality Wax. We guarantee that your car will be taken special care of and will only receive the best products available on the market. For more details, call Auto Artisans at (812) 320-0630 or visit our office at 5015 N Capitol Avenue, Bloomington, IN 47404.

At Auto Artisans, we provide a variety of automobile interior damage repairs:

  • Dashboard Repairs
  • Seats
  • Door Trim Panels
  • Trim Pieces
  • Velour / Cloth / Canvas / Carpet Repairs etc
  • Plastic Carpet Protector
  • Dealer Car Mats with Logo
  • Furniture Repair
  • And much more!

5015 N Capitol Avenue, Bloomington, IN 47404

Auto Artisans

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