How long does the detail take?
Our Full detailing services can take between 6  hours depending on the type, size & condition of your car. Please plan on leaving your vehicle with us for at least one full day. Our Premium detail or a vehicle that requires extra attention on the interior or multiple stages of polishing on the exterior may take up to a few days. A specific estimate can be provided the day of your appointment.

May I drop off my car the day before my scheduled appointment?
Yes, your car is safely locked in our secure garage overnight.  Drop off times are at 8 am.

Do you provide shuttle service?
Yes, we provide a complimentary shuttle service in the AM within a few miles.

Is there an extra charge for SUVs , Vans, Exotic and Classic cars?
Prices are higher due to the extra work and attention required for these vehicles. A specific estimate will be provided upon inspection of your car the day of your appointment.

Gift Certificates ?
Gift certificates may be purchased for any service or dollar amount of your choice.

Why have my vehicle detailed during the winter or when its raining? It’s just going to get dirty.
Contrary to some belief, winter is a very important time to have your vehicle detailed. We all know it’s nice to enjoy your shiny paint, wheels, and glass when the sun is out without contaminants on their surfaces. Some of these contaminants include but are not limited to mud, road tar, grit, grim, salt, acid rain and industrial fallout. When these surfaces are protected with carnauba wax, paint sealant or a ceramic coating most of the contaminants are repelled away from these surfaces. Any contaminants that are not repelled away are actually sticking to said protective products, not the paint surface, therefore, can be removed much easier than if your vehicle is not protected.

Our vehicle has never been professionally detailed and we are selling it. Can you make it look new again?
We hear this quite often. While having your vehicle detailed just once in its lifetime right before you sell it will help its first impression on a potential buyer, most likely by this time your vehicle has deteriorated, interior soiled, exterior paint oxidized, and the clear coat damaged.

We can however remove some of the stains inside and polish out most of the oxidation on the exterior paint, but unfortunately, your vehicle will never look as nice as if it had received detailing and maintenance in the past. This means you’ll probably get much less than you’re asking for. If the clear coat is damaged or peeling off then the vehicle would have to be repainted. A high-quality paint job can cost several thousand dollars as opposed to a few hundred a year to properly maintain your vehicles factory finish.

Not only does having your vehicle detailed hold its value throughout its lifetime, but it also provides a more enjoyable driving experience. A clean vehicle can portray self-confidence and a high level of professionalism. It is simply one of the most important maintenance services for your vehicle.

What is the difference between ourhigh quality detailing services and a $200.00 detail other shops offer?
Auto Artisans spends an extraordinary amount of time on each vehicle that comes through our shop, training our technicians and pursuing the most top of the line products from around the world.

The rates at which Auto Artisans and other high-quality shops charge are comparable, but the lower price tag found elsewhere translates to less time concentrated on your vehicle, generic cost-effective products being used and no quality control or vehicle inspection. The end result is a non-professional, low-quality detail most people could do themselves at home.

Here at Auto Artisans we clean places in your vehicle that you would never think to clean and that your average detailers tend to overlook. Our interior reconditioning services go far beyond clean with odor removal and anti-bacterial system coating for contact surfaces such as door handles, steering wheels, gear knobs, radio knobs, etc. Our business is structured to restore your vehicle to original condition aesthetically or as close to as possible then our ongoing maintenance services are offered.

We are unique in that we cater to those who use their vehicles for transportation and those who are avid auto enthusiasts. No matter what you drive when you pick up your vehicle from our shop you will feel like you just left the showroom floor. Guaranteed! Auto Artisans offers a full array of interior, exterior and full automotive reconditioning services. Your welcome to stop by at your convenience. We will be happy to inspect your vehicle and suggest one of our services that will work for you. You can be assured that you will always get what you pay for when you bring your car here to Auto Artisans.


What should I do to prepare my vehicle before I bring it in for service?
It is recommended to remove your personal items from inside your vehicle. This will save us time and it is less unlikely that your items will be lost during our cleaning process. If you need your toddlers car seats cleaned just leave them in the car. We can remove them but do not re-install because of liability reasons.

Don’t worry so much about removing items from your glove box or center console. We remove those items for you to clean inside compartments then put everything back in immediately.

Do you offer a quick wash & vacuum, express service or partial detailing services? Do I need to make an appointment or can I just drop by? How does your scheduling work?
We are not a car wash, nor do we offer express services. Rather we are a Full Service Company offering  Full services.

#1 Interior Detail (includes exterior wash)  #2 Exterior Detail (includes vacuum & inside glass)  #3 Full Detail. (Both Interior & Exterior Combined.  #4 Premium Detail (recommended for cars than need more time and attention).

Once you have obtained one of these said Full services, then our maintenance services are offered. Those being #1 Super Wash  #2 Wash & Vacuum  #3 Maintenance Detail  #4 Wash & Wax.

Our maintenance services were developed to maintain the appearance of your vehicle from the Full service you obtained in the beginning for up to one year or so depending on how often you choose to bring your car in. (See our auto detailing services and pricing page for recommended maintenance intervals).

You may also add a partial interior or exterior to our maintenance detail should your vehicle require more time and attention instead of having to obtain a Full service again. We will recommend that if needed at your arrival after our vehicle inspection.

We restore your vehicle to original condition or as close to as possible with our Full service offerings. Then our maintenance services are offered to keep your vehicle super clean and looking nice throughout the entire year. Maintenance services are also offered If your car is new or only a few months old depending on condition. See our new car detailing service page.

All of our services require scheduling an appointment. Drop off times are either the day before (preferred) anytime before 3 pm (this allows us to wash/prep car for the morning) or 8 am the day of your scheduled appointment.

Our Full services typically take one full day and sit overnight for our quality control inspection and for the carpets to dry completely. That being said some vehicles can take a few days to a week depending on condition, size and type of vehicle.

All of our pricing depends on the condition, size, and type of your vehicle. If you make an appointment with us when you arrive we inspect your vehicle and give you a final estimate as not all cars are in the same condition or you are welcome to stop by beforehand for an estimate before you commit to an appointment.

How do your specialty or add on services work?
We offer specialty services which include leather/vinyl repair and wheel repair.