Bloomington Car Detailing Company

Auto Artisans also specializes in repairs, rips, burns, tears… even set-in-stains on vinyl, leather, cloth, plastics and fabrics in automobiles, furniture and carpets. Whether you need a door trim panel repaired or a tear on your leather couch mended, give us a call. We are fast and friendly.

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Our Services

Dying and Reconditioning

Seats, Upholstery, Wiper Arms, Headlights, Certain Bumper Plastics, Office Furniture… and much more!


Scotchgard, Flame Resistance, High Wear Coatings, Plastic Membrane Carpet Protector, etc.

Seat Recovery

Vinyl, Leather, Katzkin


Home, Auto, Business, RV, etc

Ship Items to Fix

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