This was an unfortunate accident with a happy ending. The Headrest is for 2013 VW. It cost $450.00 ) shipping.

When it arrived, they opened the box with a box cutter that was plunged a little too deep.

We fixed it for less than $100.00

I am not sure why the pictures on my iPhone change the color of some pieces, but we were able to get a precise match.

Car interior pieces and trim can be very hard to find and expensive to obtain.

Many times, clients will give us a broken or damaged piece and we will recondition them and return them for reinstallation.

Even if we have to pass up a job that is offered, we are a good first option or resource. We won’t attempt to work on something we know will turn out less than acceptable… that is a guarantee.

If we ever have a borderline result or obviously can only improve the appearance slightly, we want our clients to be well aware of the outcome.