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The exterior of a vehicle is the first impression we get. There is a wide variety of surfaces and damages that can affect them. Just like our other services there is no one way to address every car and get great results. We usually take a look and make a plan that is ideal for those who want to bring back that shine to the exterior of their vehicles. Some things are not what they seem since the actual color coat of your car’s paint is almost always protected by a layer of clear coat (which seems to get thinner on newer cars because of cutting manufacturer costs to produce vehicles). We can suggest a variety of auto detailing services from paint decontamination, paint correction (in the case of overspray and road paint, tar etc.). Once the problems are addressed, we suggest a process of protecting and preserving your paint. Here is a key part, we will never sell you insurance on a paint job as some establishments do. Actually, when you file a claim with those companies, they call us to do the repairs. So, there is no need for a middle man, you can address these things when and if they occur instead of paying over $1000 in many cases for insurance and then having to find out they won’t cover the repair.

We also do paint touch up for paint chips and we can show you how to determine if the damage you want to have taken care of is a good candidate for touch up or if you need to go to a body shop.

We want you to consider Auto Artisans as your exterior car detailing specialist!

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3-Stage Restoration Process Includes:

  • Surface Claying
  • Clear Coat Polish
  • High-grade Carnauba Paste Wax
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  • Hand wash and dry vehicle
  • Remove bugs, tar, & road grime
  • Hand dry vehicle with microfiber towels
  • Clean & degrease door, trunk jams, gas cap area
  • Clean wheels inside & out
  • Buff chrome wheel
  • Clean wheel wells
  • Clean windows and mirrors
  • Clean and polish all chrome
  • Clean and dress all plastic and rubber trim
  • Apply dressing to all plastic and rubber trim
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  • $150

    Cars & Small Trucks

  • $165

    Small SUV & Large Trucks

  • $180

    Large SUV & Mini-Van

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