Inside and Outside of Car… the best detail for selling your car or getting the ultimate fresh start.

Our Full Detailing Package is available for those looking for a deep clean that will bring out the best in your vehicle. At Auto Artisans we are proud to use our top shelf collection of cleaning supplies and equipment to get the best results in detailing services for both interior and exterior.

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Over 20 of Our Most Common Cleaning Protocol List Items:


  • Vacuum interior and trunk areas
  • Clean dash, console, vents, & glove box
  • Clean door panels, door jams, & door seals
  • Clean windows, mirrors, & visors
  • Spot clean and go over entire headliner
  • Deep clean carpets, seats, & floor mats
  • Deep clean carpets, seats, & floor mats
  • Clean leather and apply leather conditioner
  • Apply dressing to all vinyl areas & buff as needed
  • Clean steering column and gear shift area
Auto Artisans Inc - Before and After - Special Edition BMW Green Leather - Exterior


  • Hand wash vehicle
  • Remove bugs & road grime
  • Shammy
  • Clean & degrease door, trunk jams, gas cap a
  • Clean wheels, tires, & wheel wells
  • Buff chrome wheel
  • Clean and dress tire
  • Clean windows and mirrors
  • Windshield polish
  • Apply dressing to tires and rubber trim
  • Claying (Clay Bar)/Clear Coat Polish
  • Finish wash
  • High-grade Carnauba Paste Wax (customer preference or our choice of wax finish)
Auto Artisans Inc - Our Services - Car Washing
  • $265

    Cars & Small Trucks

  • $285

    SUV & Regular Trucks

  • $325

    Large SUV & Mini-Van

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People are always surprised how their cars can bounce back from long periods without cleaning. We can even erase damage from Smokers, Pets, Kids, accidents, etc. (additional cost may apply).

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No two cars are the same, so your cleaning process needs to meet the challenge. Especially as every year brings new materials to car production. We customize our cleaning chemicals, equipment and procedures to meet the challenge, and as you can imagine, our 20 years of experience help us to get the results you deserve.