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The interior ceiling of your vehicle goes largely unnoticed until it starts to slowly come unattached or gets torn or stained, etc. It can be very annoying and unsightly and even a bit dangerous. The material can block your vision and the decomposed foam can be like a powder that you are breathing in… but we have a lot of experience with resolving headliner issues. The problem of having a “falling” or delaminating headliner is usually caused by the outer material and foam backing coming apart because the foam decomposes. The heat inside your car can reach well over 100 degrees parked in the sun. That being said, the materials used to repair/reupholster the headliner need to withstand that type of heat. Obviously, the headliner is designed to insulate you from the heat and stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter, it is also very good at sound dampening. If you have been looking around for options on how to address problems with your headliner… You’ve probably found that people are unwilling to do it, or worse, confident they can do it and end up damaging the headliner or electrical system, trim, seats, seals, clips, etc.

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We have the resources to match and reupholster your headliner material and even visors.

Reupholstery of a headliner in a 4 door vehicle usually runs between $265 to $500. The price range reflects things like having a sunroof, high-end vehicles that are highly engineered and complicated, any repairs to the backer board itself, loss of clips and reasons like that. There is an endless range of variety in headliners, call or text and we will be happy to get you a quote and describe how the process usually goes. You will be amazed at the difference it makes to drive your car again once the headliner issues are resolved. It will definitely change your life if you have been struggling with a falling headliner and it will certainly increase its value when you are ready to sell it. Replace your sagging roof lining with new foam and lining with our expert headliner repair service. Headliners aesthetically finish the look of the interior of the car. When it begins to sag it can be very unsightly and dangerous. The heat inside your car can reach 100 degrees in the sun and over time this can cause the foam that sits between the headliner and the roof to break apart and crumble. This breaking is what makes the headliner sag.

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We repair all makes and models from $265 to $500. Smaller Headliners

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