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Universal Car Mats

We carry top quality universal car mats which are FULL SIZE and original quality.

We offer universal car mats that are full size and great durable quality.

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Dealer Mats

We also carry dealer mats. We have been offering advertising mats to auto dealers since 2000. They make a sharp impression, cut down on detail, make great add-ons for New or Used inventory, plus they are an inexpensive way to advertise at the same time.

Auto Dealer Mats

Special Volume Deals for Auto Dealers


Special Volume Deals for Auto Dealers

If you’re looking for a cost effective way to keep your vehicles looking clean without constantly detailing them, we have a wide range of products and service to bring your inventory to life and advertise too.

Properly installed Plastic Carpet Protectors can help you cut detail costs and add to that “New Car Perception” that impresses people.

Dealer Mats: Get the best deals that are available!

We know there are other reconditioning companies; but, like you, we’re too busy to fool around.. so we do volume packages for one low price per vehicle.

Premium – $45/car

  • Custom mats or plastic
  • Full deodorizing
  • Seat reconditioning
  • Carpet reconditioning
  • All it takes to get the interior looking sharp

Standard – $40/car

  • Custom mats or plastic
  • Full deodorizing
  • Carpet reconditioning

Basic – $30/car

  • Custom mats or plastic
  • Full deodorizing or carpet reconditioning

These mats are a sharp add-on that advertise well after the sale and promotes referrals. To request information, get a quote, or ask a question, please click our online inquiry button to the right of the page, or give us a call.

Make Your Own Package Deal

Carpet Protection

  • Plastic Installation – $25/car
  • Logo Mat (1 set) – $25/car
  • Clear Plastic with Logo – $25/car
  • Add Backseats – $10/car
  • Add door Thresholds – $5/car


  • Carpet Dye – $35-50/car
  • Vinyl Repairs $30-60/car
  • Leather Repairs – $45-85/car
  • Cloth Repairs – $20-65/car
  • Headlight Reconditioning – $35/set ($20 ea)
  • Deodorize $15-45/car

We are eager to hear from you.

Plastic Carpet Protectors

We install plastic carpet protectors for added protection after dying carpets.

Adds a professional touch + protects dyes.

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Katzkin Leather and Vinyl

Katzkin offers more than 2000 interior patterns. All those patterns can be ordered in a variety of two-tone combinations in more than 95 colors and materials with available options such as piping, contrast stitching, perforation, and custom embroidery. At Katzkin, there’s no end to the possibilities if you want more than a standard package.

Specially designed seat and door panel covers that became direct replacements for factory cloth and vinyl. This means that everyone can enjoy the luxury of leather, not just the owners of high-priced luxury automobiles.

Katzkin offers more than 2000 interior patterns. Click here for more information on Katzkin.


Scotchgard™ means protection. And that means you can rest easy knowing the leading name in protection has you covered. Keep your things looking good longer with Scotchgard™ Products.

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Air Fresheners

Our Air Fresheners can be customized with any logo, advertisement, verbiage and more.

Here are some sample Air Fresheners that we have created

That “New Car” Smell

We all know that ‘new car’ smell just can’t be beat. Everybody loves the fresh scent of a brand new car.

Now you can keep that great aroma and advertise at the same time! With these customizable air fresheners, you can be sure the car scent is always welcoming while it proudly displays your information.