House guests can be fun, but if their hair care products or just residues build up on furniture… it can actually take the finish off.

This guest was a family member visiting a while and had dreadlocks and liked to sleep on the couch and cover the damage with a pillow. When the owners of the couch found it, a lot of time had passed, Fortunately we’re able to bring the life to the leather.

It was classic piece and needed a low luster finish and we were able seal if for them to increase the durability.

There are a lot of combinations of furniture finishes and natural body oils that don’t do well together.

Some really scary looking damage can be reversed… but it is painstaking work to remove the damage and not continuing the damage. It is easy to ruin leather by doing a half job, once you start… it really needs to be fully repaired and sealed or else the wear time can be accelerated.